Windsor Wedding Photographer Documents Nicole & Ziad’s Jubilant Lebanese Celebration!

On Saturday , February 20th Nicole & Ziad exchanged vows at St. Anthony’s in Leamington & what an exciting day it was for everyone including myself!!

I started off at Ziad’s home in Windsor where the family sang all the while I took photos causing me to be overwhelmed with joy myself.

Then off I went with my assistant Trish, to Nicole’s home where everyone there was singing too!  Oh my gosh, the joy that was expressed was something I’ve never experienced before & proof positive that joy & laughter are contagious because my heart was singing too.  There was not one person who did not participate & Nicole was absolutely stunning!!

After the ceremony the wedding party headed to Kingsville Park where I took some fun pics.  Then it was off to the Portuguese Club where about 500 people waited for the happy bride & groom to arrive.  As they entered & through the whole procession of family all I could see was money flying around everywhere.  It was literally raining money!  All I could think of was, “Thank God no one was throwing loonies & toonies, otherwise there would have been plenty of bruises on everyone!”

And there was singing & more singing & after the meal dancing, dancing, dancing & more singing.  What an absolutely unforgettable celebration!  I was so thrilled to share this special day with Nicole, Ziad & their families.

Congratulations, Nicole & Ziad & wishing you a lifetime of happiness & good fortune!  Just loved all the hummus & tabbouleh.  Thank you for choosing me to document the memories of your day.

Love ya!


Mmm Mmm Just the Right Time for Candy

Portrait of Nicole on her Wedding Day

Baby it's Cold Outside

The Art of Details

Winter Love

Stand by Me!

Together Forever

The Money What a Ride!

More Money Dance!

Ziad's Mom & Dad Dance up a Storm with Nicole & Ziad!

Nicole's Mom & Dad (in the hat) Cool!!!

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    Photography is looking real… Wow nice snaps…

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