Windsor Wedding for Caroline & Terry on the Ruscom River in Belle River

June 20th was the big W day for Caroline and Terry.  Rosemary from Soiree Events decorated the tables with a lively plaid fabric and hung glass lanterns around the tent that sparkled in the light.  This couple was super fun and organized everything with sophisticated flair.  Leo, master of catered weddings and owner of Koolinis, catered a scrumptious gourmet meal and provide a beautiful cake.  Elmara Flower Gardens and Gift Shop dazzled the guests with huge glass containers filled with flowers.  Caroline was dressed in a gown from Rafinee while Terry sported an ensemble from Freeds of Windsor.  This couple treated all their guests with overnight accomadation at Caesars Windsor and transportation to their idylic backyartd in Limos by Mr J’s.  From the time they booked Britton Images Photography they were adament about having a journalistic style represented in the photography with most of the focus  on the guests rather than on themselves.  I had a great time with them and enjoyed the change of a very intimate setting.


Ms. Amy Britton 😉

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