Windsor Wedding Photographer Advises Wedding Couples on Hiring a Photographer

I’ve been getting a number of calls lately from brides looking for wedding photography.  This is a busy time for wedding professionals who spend a lot of time talking services/ price & making appointments.  Sometimes couples get over- focused on price, choosing one photographer over another for a difference 0f $50 to $200.  To many people that amount is a lot & that’s understandable given today’s economy & so on, but believe me, your wedding day only happens once.

There seems to be an abundance of week-end, part-time “photographers” who want to shoot weddings for what they see as an easy way to make a few extra dollars.  Yes, some may even have a good eye with fancy equipment,  but and this is a big but, can they deliver?  Some of the things you may want to ask yourself is:  Is this a full-time professional or a part-time amateur?  Does this person have insurance, back-up person in case he/she is sick , back-up equipment & some references?  Are they registered with Revenue Canada & have a GST number & legitimate business.  Remember, you’re giving money upfront to someone who you have to count on to show up for your day & provide the contracted services.  You may be taking a big risk to hire on an amateur just to save a few dollars.  And what about experience & dependability?  Shooting weddings is not an easy task.  Photographers must have the ability to take charge of differing & possibly stressful situations, sometimes with a large number of people  while remaining patient, calm & focused.   They are on there feet all day long, have to think creatively at all times & be skilled at post processing of images. Post-processing can average out to about 40-60 hrs for a fine-art album.  If having a lifetime of memories is important to a couple then finding a professional based on their work, personality & references should be the most important criteria.  Most professionals usually work out to be about the same price for the same services & albums.

So to all the couples shopping for a wedding photographer, be  informed & get educated!  Your photos will be the ever lasting memories of your big day, passed down from generation to generation.  This is one place where skimping may come back to haunt you!  Get to know your photographer, ask questions & more importantly get a feel for their integrity & quality of product they produce.  Shopping in this way will almost always guarantee your satisfaction.  The bottom line is and always will be “You get what you pay for”.

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