Wedding Tip – Involving Friends & Family

Involving Friends & Family

You’ve made your bridesmaid and groomsmen lists, and, as is sometimes the case, you just can’t expand it to include other close friends and family members. How do you show these people they’re special to you? What if you don’t even want attendants? Luckily you have plenty of options for including your nearest and dearest in your big day.

No limits apply to how you should involve friends and family. You might have sorority sisters or fraternity brothers you’d like to recognize; make them honorary bridesmaids or groomsmen. Mention them in the program and have them sit up front in pews decorated with ribbons of your sorority or fraternity’s colors.

Think of innovative ways to honor those you’d like to publicly acknowledge – mark their seats with flowers or save a page in your program for special mentions. However you choose to do it, they’ll appreciate the attention.

Make everyone feel equally important. Fill the following roles with close friends and relatives:

  • Guest-book attendant: Choose someone with an outgoing personality to greet your guests and ask them to sign in.
  • Birdseed, petal or bubble attendant: Have someone distribute birdseed, petals or bubble jars for guests to shower you with as you leave the ceremony.
  • Program attendant: This person normally stands by the guest book or entryway, greeting guests and handing out the programs.
  • Readers: You’ll likely have several readings during your ceremony service. This is an important job for the right person.
  • Gift bearers: In a Catholic service, you’ll need someone to bring the bread and wine to the priest.
  • Personal attendant: This is a close friend of the bride who’s there to give help, run errands and offer support.
  • Gift attendant: Someone should be present at the reception to take gifts from your guests and put them in the appropriate spot.
  • Ushers: Ushers seat everyone in proper places, lay aisle carpet and walk in the processional.

A mistake-free wedding ceremony requires help from a lot of people, so fill all required roles with those you trust. Have boutonnieres or corsages made for everyone involved with your wedding and reception; this small act easily demonstrates your gratitude for their participation.

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