Rebecca & Paul were married in the park on the beach in Jamaica surrounded by their family & friends on Sunday, July 31.  Although it was a small & simple ceremony the energy was romantic & playful.    We all had so much fun!!….& I was delighted to have lots of time to shoot at a number of locations.  Capturing some of the island colour & atmosphere  was an interesting change from the usual locations that are available in Windsor.  And even though it was very hot Rebecca & Paul never once looked uncomfortable.  Love was certainly in the air!!  Congratulations to you both!!!  And thank you for allowing me to document your beautiful day.



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Val & Goce by Windsor Wedding Photography


Val made a stunning bride on May 22 when she married her school sweetheart George in a traditional ceremony surrounded by friends & family.   Even though the wedding party was huge (23) everyone had fun & the day went perfectly.  There’s always lots to capture in these celebrations with dancing, singing & lots of food.    We  spent some time at the Art Gallery & later attended the reception at The Macedonian Center.  Congratulations to you both Val & George.  Thank you for choosing me to document your beautiful day!!





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windsor wedding photographer


July 2 was the big wedding day celebration for Nathalie & Chad.  These two are dog lovers just like me so we clicked right away.  We started the day at their house, moving over to St. John Vianney, then to the Art Gallery & finally to the Ambassador Golf Club for the reception.  What a happy couple!!! with a large number of family & friends coming from Europe to share their day.  Congratulations on your very special day!  May you share many years together of  love, happiness & good fortune.



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Thought I would shoot some dramatic photos for the fashion section of the Bridal Confidential Magazine.  Caesars Windsor was the venue providing some interesting backgrounds.  The beautiful gowns were provided by Bridal Couture, hair by Classic Recreations, bouquets by I&F Designs, makeup by Makeup by Klaudia & jewellery by G & G.  Thanks to our models Madison & Nadya!!


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Wedding Photography by Amy Britton of Britton Images Photography

What a wonderful couple & wonderful day for a white Windsor Wedding! We had so much fun, and really we couldn’t have asked for nicer weather. We first stopped at Reaume Park for wedding photos, we then headed over to Willistead Park to get even more great wedding images. Heather and Pierre assembled such a amazing wedding party! It really made the day that much more special. This is the forth wedding in the family I’ve shot and I was so looking forward to the fun day and crazy night, filled with great food at the Ciociaro Club, lots of laughs and good times, not to mention lots of “cake” dancing. Take a peak at the reception images below and you’ll see why I was looking forward to this fun filled day.

Heather, you looked absolutely stunning and Pierre, you looked pretty handsome yourself! Congrats to you both on a life filled with great times, many happy memories and lots of “cake”!! I’m honored to have been a part of your future together.

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April 16th finally arrived for a determined Jennifer Darmon to walk down the aisle to her awaiting finance, Mike Belawetz. When the ceremony ended Mike whisked her off the floor to the joyful applause of  everyone there.

Their first dance was just as touching!

Take a peak at their amazing memorable moments done by Brian of Green Gecko Photography: link below.



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It was so much fun getting dressed up & taking photos for a 70’s themed birthday party held at the Windsor Yacht Club.  Great costumes, great music & best of all great people!!!!

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Words hardly come close to explaining the emotions of the day! As you can see, Jenn is just beaming from ear to ear. And what makes this event even more memorable is the fact that Jenn worked extremely hard, for quite some time now, to take those time honored steps down the aisle.

It was a privilege and honor to be chosen to document their day, as it is with all my couples.

Please enjoy their story.

Special thanks to Brian Stephens of Green Gecko Photography www.greengeckophotography.com as well as Jaymz van Hees of Jaymz Fotografie www.jaymz.ca for helping me to capture their eventful day. It wouldn’t have been the same with out you!

here’s a quote I found and wanted to share,  ~ how fitting

Whatever setbacks you encounter, don’t give up on your hopes and dreams.

Imagination is stronger than knowledge…. dreams are more powerful than facts, and hope can triumph over experience.

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By Windsor Wedding Photographer Amy Britton Britton Images Photography


April 16th finally arrived for a determined Jennifer Darmon to walk down the aisle to her awaiting finance, Mike Belawetz.  Historical Mackenzie Hall in Olde Sandwich Town was packed with invited guests & media to watch this feisty woman overcome adversity & make her life-long dream of walking down the aisle on her wedding day come true.    With twinkling eyes & a glowing smile she looked like an angel.  The energy was electric as all eyes were on the beautiful bride.  When the ceremony ended Mike whisked her off the floor to the joyful applause of  everyone there.  It was hard to keep a dry eye while witnessing this beautiful love story unfold knowing all they had both endured.  May your marriage be blessed with much love, happiness & good fortune!!!!

Look for their story on Inside Edition today at 4:30 or check out their website.

Another post will follow with more photos of their day.

Jennifer Darmon was Person of the Week on Diane Sawyer’s ABC News, with their story appearing on several news sites including WXYZ with Carolyn Clifford, Inside Edition, CBS,The Morning Show  & a video diary on you tube.   Check them out.



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Most video companies will send either a representative or camera crew to your ceremony site during the rehearsal to check out placement and entrances. They’ll then be able to determine the best equipment setup and how many cameras are needed. Remember, though, that this is a wedding ceremony, not a movie set; question suggestions of more than two to three cameras.

Generally you need at least two cameras for the ceremony — one in front and one in back. The second camera also can serve as backup to a failed camera.

Provide your videographer with a copy of any restrictions your clergy may have. You may even want to schedule a meeting during which you all can discuss the rules and any exceptions that may need to be made. Consider another venue if yours has too rigid limitations and find a different videographer if you sense tenseness or hostility.

Avoid conflicts all around with a specific written contract. Make sure you and your videographer agree in writing about what his duties are and what you’re expecting for your final tape.

The contract should cover all these issues related to the job:

  • Schedule of coverage
  • Depth of coverage
  • Features of the finished product
  • Payments and contingencies
  • Recourses

The contract might also cover who the actual cameramen will be. There’s no such thing as a standard contract, and verbal agreements aren’t binding. Put everything down on paper so you won’t have any surprises on your wedding day or afterwards.

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Hiring a professional videographer to videotape your wedding ensures you’ll end up with a high-quality, well-organized recording. Before you decide on whom to hire, outline what you want as the end result and understand what it’ll take to get there.

What you ask a prospective videographer should not only determine that he offers the services you’re looking for, but also that he’s willing and eager to expertly record your wedding onto tape. When interviewing, don’t be afraid to ask for an interpretation of any answer you don’t understand. Let the answers to the following questions shape your list of potential hires:

  • Are you available for our wedding date and time?
  • Can we see a demo tape (of an actual wedding – not a stylized, produced demo tape)?
  • Can you attend the rehearsal?
  • How much control do we have in the editing process? Do you also provide an unedited version?
  • Can we add our own music or thoughts to the taping?
  • How long will the final tape be?
  • Will you supply more than one copy of the final tape?
  • Will you preview the site beforehand?
  • What kind of setup do you need?
  • When should we reserve your services?
  • What packages do you offer?
  • What prices do you charge? Do you require a deposit? How much is it and when is it due?
  • When will the balance be due?
  • Do you edit digitally so we can get a DVD? If not, will you in the near future?
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Wedding Photography by Amy Britton of Britton Images Photography

Next to my love for photography, I love travel so when Kevin contacted me to shoot his wedding in England, I was absolutely thrilled.  He met the love of his life Betsy & had no second thoughts at leaving Canada to start a new life in England.  They picked a beautiful spot outside London called the Kavali Royal Society International Center in Milton Keynes…..an absolutely breathtaking spot & a big change from what we have here in Windsor.   These two were so much fun & so in love ….I truly enjoyed their company, the accommodation & the party.  I’m so happy that you found each other & hope you share many, many years together.  Love you both!!


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Start interviewing photographers as soon as you’ve chosen your wedding date, ceremony and reception site. Your initial phone call should help you determine if the photographer deserves a personal visit. Get a general explanation of his services and prices and make sure he’s available on your wedding date, then schedule a meeting to nail down the specifics.

Be ready with the following list of questions when you interview your potential photographer:

  • Can we see your portfolio?
  • How long have you been photographing weddings?
  • Do you work in color, black and white or both?
  • What sort of lighting will you need? Do you use soft focus or diffused lighting?
  • How long will you be able to stay at the wedding?
  • Do you offer any packages?
  • How far in advance should we reserve your services?
  • What if a photograph doesn’t turn out?
  • Do you require a deposit? How much is it and when is it due?
  • When is the balance due?
  • What if we need to postpone or cancel?
  • How much do you charge for overtime?

A professional photographer will have all required licenses and business insurances, a clean, well-maintained studio, back-up equipment, and possibly a membership in a professional association like the Professional Photographers of America (PPOC) or Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI).

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Mike will get the unbelievable gift of watching the love of his life, Jennifer …..walk down the isle to his waiting arms to exchange vows & share their wedding day with friends & family.  I am so thrilled & honoured to have been chosen to document their day.  Jennifer is such a beautiful person & role mode!!   With incredible strength of determination & will she has worked faithfully, against all odds to walk down the aisle & dance with her husband at their celebration.  And kudoos to Mike for setting such a strong example of what the words “through sickness & in health ” really mean.  Their touching story appeared in the Windsor Star, February 14  so for those who missed it you can click on the following link:


True & lasting love is still wonderfully alive!!!!  Look forward to your special day!!!

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When you’re looking for the right photographer, you want a professional who’ll understand and work toward the outcome you envision. To hire the right person for the job, decide on your likes and dislikes and discuss them in detail with all prospective photographers.
Look for a photographer who you feel comfortable with among the crowd. Find one who you believe will have a good rapport with your friends and family; he/she must be a team player and willing to work with everyone involved. Any abrasiveness you sense at your meeting will be worse on your wedding day.

When inquiring about prices, don’t ask, ‘How much do you charge?’ Rather, because your expectations and individual needs influence the final cost, ask, ‘How much should I spend to get what I want?’

Insist on a full disclosure of prices for additional prints and albums so you won’t have any surprises. Inquire about ways you can save money, too. For example, if your wedding is smaller, consider getting professional portraits done during the week rather than on the weekend.

There are some differences to consider between a large studio and an independent photographer. Some couples are more comfortable dealing with a large photography studio, as they offer backup if your photographer gets sick. However, most large studios employ subcontractors who may be new at the trade or for whom photography is a source of supplemental income. You’ll receive more personal attention with a small studio or independent and likely will deal directly with your actual photographer at all times. Therefore your album will better reflect your wishes.

Whomever you choose, sign a contract before your wedding date. Make sure everyone involved understands and agrees upon the conditions outlined in the contract. Too often couples are disappointed with their results because they assumed their verbal, not written, instructions would be followed.

Above all else, find a photographer who acts professionally and interacts well with both of you as a couple. Hire someone who appreciates the importance of your day and is eager to capture it all.

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You know your photographer will snap plenty of pictures of you posing, smiling and enjoying the attention. Why not get creative for some wedding photos to remember?

Try these great shots of the bride and groom for a wedding album you’ll treasure forever:

  • Dressing for the ceremony
  • Full length solo
  • With mother, father or both
  • With grandparents, and brothers and sisters
  • For the bride, pictures with maid of honor, ring bearer, flower girl and attendants
  • For the groom, pictures with the best man and groomsmen
  • Putting on the garter
  • For the bride, a picture with her father walking down aisle

Don’t forget about the different opportunities for photos of the bride and groom together. Imagine all the possibilities and ways to remember these treasured moments:

  • Father giving bride’s hand to groom
  • Exchanging vows
  • Ring ceremony
  • Formal bride and groom shot
  • Newlyweds with parents and bridal party
  • Bride and groom’s hands together
  • Bride and groom cutting cake and feeding each other
  • Newlyweds toasting each other and the first dance
  • Newlyweds getting into limo
  • Groom removing garter

Capture every little detail of the atmosphere of your wedding. Looking back, you’ll want your photos to help you remember the:

  • Bridesmaids walking down aisle
  • Ring bearer and flower girl
  • Recessional
  • Receiving line
  • Cake table and cake
  • Punch servers and musicians
  • Guests dancing
  • Toss of bouquet
  • Guests throwing birdseed
  • Post-reception party

Come up with ideas of your own, consider your options and then discuss your preferences with your photographer.

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Check out the following list of photography techniques to help you decide what types of pictures are going to best represent your big day.

  • Set-up or stock shots: These photos include those classic poses, like the toast of the bride and groom or the bride and her mother. These shots are indispensable to any wedding album. Your photographer probably will be familiar with these timeless poses.
  • Portraiture: The most common style of wedding photography portraiture is the formal, posed picture. Portrait-based photography carefully controls lighting and posing in a studio set-up. A well-planned pose can make for a perfect wedding photo, but getting the perfect pose can be time-consuming. Consider having these shots done before the wedding.
  • Soft focus: The photographer uses a special lens that produces a hazy, romantic, dream-like effect. A couple of these shots work well in an album, however, use this effect sparingly or it loses its effectiveness.
  • Natural light: This is photography without the flash. The photographer finds the needed natural light instead. If this technique is done well, the picture looks like a piece of fine art, more painted than photographed.
  • Photo essay: This style is gaining popularity because it uses an arrangement of your wedding photographs to tell a story, similar to the way a photojournalist uses photos in a newspaper. This is a great way to capture emotions and the more natural, spontaneous moments of your day. The wedding photographer captures movement, mood and atmosphere on the fly. Many photojournalist photographers set aside a short amount of time for formal group pictures but take most of their pictures without any prompting or commands. Plan on having a lot of pictures in your album to take advantage of this style.

Know your moment, pose and style options for wedding photographs and discuss your preferences with your photographer. You’ll be much happier with the results if you contribute your thoughts about your wedding photographs prior to the big event.

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Although ushers are traditionally male, don’t shy away from asking a close female friend or relative to shoulder the responsibility. List her in the program simply as an usher, or as a ‘female usher’ to be distinguished from the male ushers.

You generally should have one usher to every 50 guests, and if they won’t be standing at the altar, they can simply sit down when all the guests have been seated and watch the ceremony with everyone else. Have female ushers dress in colors that either coordinate with your wedding colors or are similar to the bridesmaids’ dresses. Or she can wear a dress that coordinates with the male ushers’ apparel. Your male ushers should wear whatever your best man wears.

No rule dictates that you must have attendants. The two of you can stand up by yourselves, or you can consider other options. Your parents could stand up for you instead of friends and other family. Another alternative to the traditional wedding party is to choose just children. This is popular in England and France; your guests can serve as witnesses to the ceremony.

If you have children of your own, you should include them in the ceremony. It signifies a joining of families, as well as the joining of two hearts. Other than possibly ushering, children aged 8 to 14 can serve as junior bridesmaids and junior groomsmen, while those aged 3 to 7 make lovely flower girls and ring bearers.

There are even ways that you can include pets in your special day. Your pet means a lot to you, so you have every right to include him in your wedding.

  • Dog: Your dog — especially if he’s well trained — can be the ring bearer. He also can stand up (or sit) with the groom and groomsmen or lead you and your new spouse down the aisle during the recessional.
  • Cat: Cats may be a little harder to control than dogs so you may need to keep a closer hold on them. You could have a bridesmaid, flower girl or ring bearer carry your kitty down the aisle. Or it might be easier to simply include your cat in some pictures or let her mingle with guests at the reception.
  • Fish: Have an underwater or ocean theme at your reception and let your aquatic pets be the centerpiece at the dessert or gift table.

Be prepared to deal with hissing, barking or chasing of squirrels. If you don’t think you can handle the stress of these last-minute problems, leave your pets at home.

In the end, how many people you include as bridesmaids, groomsmen or ushers is at your discretion. Do remember that many close to you want to help and contribute to your big day. Do what you can to give them a chance to participate.

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I’m developing a new concept using fusion video to offer to my clients in the new year.  Here’ a little taste of what it will look like complete with original music.

Fusion video of a portrait session – BrittonImages.com

A very special & ginormous THANK YOU to Michael Bunn for his musical talent in putting this together!!!!   You can check him out at www.creative-harmony.de


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Lisa wanted to get a mother & daughter portrait on canvas for Christmas.  I always love capturing mothers & daughters….there’s nothing like a mother’s love!!!  And Maddy makes a beautiful teen model!!

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I had so much fun with Tara, Paul & Olivia.  They are such a beautiful family.  Olivia & her friend also gave me some silly stuff to capture as well!!  Reminds me of when I was silly with her mom, Tara, many moons ago.  Love you all!!

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Dylan is so cute & good natured….all this little guy does is smile & coo!!!  He reminds me of the Gerber baby!!  Looking forward to seeing you again, Dylan.

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Wedding Tip – Involving Friends & Family

Involving Friends & Family

You’ve made your bridesmaid and groomsmen lists, and, as is sometimes the case, you just can’t expand it to include other close friends and family members. How do you show these people they’re special to you? What if you don’t even want attendants? Luckily you have plenty of options for including your nearest and dearest in your big day.

No limits apply to how you should involve friends and family. You might have sorority sisters or fraternity brothers you’d like to recognize; make them honorary bridesmaids or groomsmen. Mention them in the program and have them sit up front in pews decorated with ribbons of your sorority or fraternity’s colors.

Think of innovative ways to honor those you’d like to publicly acknowledge – mark their seats with flowers or save a page in your program for special mentions. However you choose to do it, they’ll appreciate the attention.

Make everyone feel equally important. Fill the following roles with close friends and relatives:

  • Guest-book attendant: Choose someone with an outgoing personality to greet your guests and ask them to sign in.
  • Birdseed, petal or bubble attendant: Have someone distribute birdseed, petals or bubble jars for guests to shower you with as you leave the ceremony.
  • Program attendant: This person normally stands by the guest book or entryway, greeting guests and handing out the programs.
  • Readers: You’ll likely have several readings during your ceremony service. This is an important job for the right person.
  • Gift bearers: In a Catholic service, you’ll need someone to bring the bread and wine to the priest.
  • Personal attendant: This is a close friend of the bride who’s there to give help, run errands and offer support.
  • Gift attendant: Someone should be present at the reception to take gifts from your guests and put them in the appropriate spot.
  • Ushers: Ushers seat everyone in proper places, lay aisle carpet and walk in the processional.

A mistake-free wedding ceremony requires help from a lot of people, so fill all required roles with those you trust. Have boutonnieres or corsages made for everyone involved with your wedding and reception; this small act easily demonstrates your gratitude for their participation.

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I was so excited to document Geetha & Amit’s Indian wedding on November 26th in Toronto at the the Riviera Park in Concord.  So many beautiful colours & the bride was stunning in pink & turquoise.  Even though Geetha had sprained her ankle just a few days before she carried on like a trouper, knowing well she would pay for it the next day.  I loved their affectionate glances …..& the ceremony was filled with custom & meaning.  Congrats to you both!  I am so thankful for the opportunity of being part of your day.

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It’s been 2 years since Grace & her mom came in for photos.  Boy has she grown…. seems like a foot at least, but the same natural in front of the camera.  Her family joined her for some photos to give as presents for Christmas.  Hope to see you again & maybe do some shots to show off your dance moves!!

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It was so much fun shooting these two little cuties……who kept me on my toes.   Mason & Riley were full of playful energy.  I think you can see their mischievous sides in their expressions.  They certainly are close & love their mom, Dayna to bits!  Look out Dayna….you’ll be quite busy for awhile.  I look forward to watching them grow up through the years.

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Felicia wanted family photos & Christmas cards of her family again, so she brought in her husband Scott & the two kids Adam & Jarrod.  These two boys are so handsome!!  I love seeing the kids grow & change every year….even though it reminds me that I’m getting older!

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On Sunday morning just after 9am I got the call I have been dreading about my wonderful, beautiful friend Sasha Fulop.  She had passed away after a courageous fight with cancer.  Even though I lost track of the times I cried while she was hospitalized & knew it would come to pass at some point, tears once again overcame me as I tried to sort through all the emotions I was feeling.  Even though you think you have prepared yourself for the inevitable the whole universe comes crashing down on you & your heart rips to pieces.  Sasha, who had become one of my my best friends since I shot her wedding was gone & I just couldn’t process it.  She was 33 & absolutely loved life.  I never heard her complain about her misfortune & she fought the fight like a tenacious pit bull, never believing she wouldn’t make it.   She loved to dance, eat sushi, dress fashionably, play Dominos,  enjoy good wine/ good food & anything to make you laugh.  She was beautiful in both mind & spirit & I will always love her & never forget her.   The first photo is the one I love the most & the rest are from the photo shoot I posted earlier on my blog.

Sasha was our team captain for  “Fight Like A Girl” entered in the the Dragon Boat Races the last two years.

RIP till we meet again!

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Julie & Paul have been coming with the girls for family photos since I first opened the studio.   The girls are so much fun to work with & have so much personality!!  They love my work & I feel so appreciated.  Julie, Paul & the girls…you are the best & a big reason why I love what I do…….I get to meet wonderful people all the time.

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Introducing the little pixie addition Sophie.  I first met Marissa & Dan when I shot their wedding & now consider them to be friends.   It’s been a great pleasure getting to know you both & watching your beautiful family grow!!

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