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Celebrating Britton Images Beloved Mascot “Bear”


Britton Images Studio Mascot "Bear"

Bear November 2011

Saturday March 3rd was the very worst day of my life!  My beloved & adored little boy left me to cross over ‘The Rainbow Bridge.”  Bear was my companion, studio greeter and bff.   There will never be another Bear.  He came into my life about 12 years ago as a stray.  When no one claimed him I adopted him, never once regretting my decision since he brought more joy to my life than I can even put into words.   “Me & Bear”  became inseparable….he came to the studio every day for the last seven years and was my official greeter.  Everyone loved Bear because he was always smiling, happy and ready to plop down for a belly rub.  I mean this dog just loved belly rubs, how could anyone with half a heart not be melted by his awesome personality.

He also had a humongous, brave heart that never stopped giving!  For the last year I knew something was not quite right but all the tests in the world could not discover anything to worry about.  For many years he was treated for hypo-thyroid while battling an enlarged heart for the last 2 years, but he never complained,  barking happily and squealing like a little piggie when it was time to go for a walk.  Oh how I miss the barking & squeals now!!  Just when I decided to take him to a specialist in the US about a month ago it was suggested he once again be given a chest x-ray.  That’s when I was given the news that he had contracted lung cancer which had metastasized from another area of his little body.

For a month he battled that awful disease just to stay with me.  Twice he lost his ability to walk and eat but I nursed him 24 hours a day to see him come back the first time for about two weeks then once again for a week after taking him & not being able to go through with it.  This last time was a little different though, he seemed really tired like his will and spirit were slowly dying so I needed to finally make the decision that I dreaded so much.  I wanted him to live forever, my faithful little buddy.  What will I do without him, I couldn’t even imagine.   Dr. Deluca and staff  at Waker Rd. Animal Hospital were so kind, gentile & thoughtful.  I sat right beside him, gazing into his eyes as his head lay on my arm.  He passed ever so gently, my little baby Bear.   I swear a little piece of my heart went with him that Saturday night and I will miss him more than I can even begin to say.  Bear, will always be my bff!!  I consider myself to be the luckiest person in the world to have been blessed with such a wonderful friend.

My friend James Zedd took this shot the afternoon Bear passed

Pet Photography by Windsor Photo Studio Britton Images


Pet Portrait 2012


Henry is photographed by Amy of Britton Images Photography


Look at this real cutie by the name of Henry.  Being a beagle he was very curious about what was going on.  He came along with his family for a “family portrait” but I really loved this shot.  He  was so much fun to capture!!  The family portrait will be added at a later date.

Windsor Pet Portraits ~ Britton Images Photography



Robyn & Dan lost their beloved family pet a while ago & now have adopted this beautiful little dog & named her Baylie.  And even though her colour is absolutely stunning they chose this shot in black & white as an artpiece to showcase on their wall.

Portrait of Baylie by Amy Britton


I can’t express how much fun I had shooting Amy & her 4 month old puppy, Douglas.  he is just the cutest little guy….& what a personality!!! ….a great example of “Puppy Love”


Anyone who knows me knows that I am a sucker for dogs!!!! ….so I was in my element this morning when I shot these two beautiful babies with their owners.  Sharon had called wanting a portrait of Blue, the Australian Sheepdog in the pics because she is old and feeble.  Blue has been a wonderful companion dog for 14 years, going to work with her masters every day and greeting customers with her sunny disposition.  Sharon also decided to invite her daughter with her companion animal, Popeye to join Blue for a portrait together.  Blue has the most awesome colouring and Popeye looks like a giant furball.  They were both so cute and so well trained!! :)   It was a great pleasure to take portraits of these fabulous dogs and their owners.  Being a photographer gives me the opportunity to meet great people and of course great companion animals too.  I’m so lucky!!

Britton Images Puts Studio Mascot, Bear in Front of Camera

Unusual  fabric seems to be the new trend in boutique style photography sessions, so I though I’d pick up some new fabric.  Since Bear is so photogenic  I wanted to  test out at lease one of them……this is the result.   I think he looks sooo handsome in front of these cool flowers!  I do love my Bear :)

Here’s lookin at you Bear!

Mascot Bear 2010

Brown Eyed Bear 2010

Bear, Britton Images Mascot

Bearsy Wearsy

Our Boy Bear

Photographing Dogs – furry babies ;) -Windsor Pet Photography

some of the past sessions with my favorite creatures!

He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life,
his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat
of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.




















Tracy, Mark, Chloe & Mason the wonder dog!

So I shot Tracy & Mark’s wedding back in 2005, awesome couple!! I’m fortunate enough to call them friends, good friends :) …What a great ‘job’ I have, making new friends 😉 … and capturing their memories… and then comes little Chloe, sweet pumpkin. And now, Tracy & Mark have another little bundle of joy on the way! yippie! These images were taken in the fall, they ventured down from London so I could shoot their family images. Me thinks it’s picture time again … hehe.