Hey everyone….welcome to my blog.  I’ll be able to share my philosophy, activity and work a lot easier and quicker than loading pics on my website. Besides, the blog makes you feel more connected to those you communicate with even if they aren’t there in person. Oh my, the magic of technology.  The world is certainly our little oyster.  Yes?
My name is Amy and I’m a professional photographer who absolutely loves my work. I started my business in 2001, primarily as a wedding photographer. Since then I have acquired my own studio and branched out to other genres such as commercial, editorial, fashion, family & children’s portraits as well as event photography. Having my own business is really rewarding!! And photography is my passion!!! Along with traveling :) My hope is that everyone sees that passion in my work.
I especially love the challenge of fashion photography….it stimulates my creativity. And, I also love working with kids because they are so spontaneous and natural. Seems like I’ve been blessed with a lot of patience in managing their photo shoots…at least that’s what I’m told all the time. Wedding photography is great because I get to share the biggest day in a couple’s life and I want to make sure they remember the day and not the posing for pics. I try to keep everything relaxed especially because guys don’t particularly want to do the picture thing! lol  I’ve enjoyed meeting all the couples and am so touched when most of them become friends and come back to me to shoot their new families. I’m so lucky to have this wonderful career!!

For those of you who don’t know me I’m very particular about the work I put out and want to educate people about the importance of hiring a professional photographer for their big day. Friends, family members and week-end photographers might have a good eye but many times couples are disappointed in the finished product. Although the intentions might have been good at the time, you can never go back to re-live all those wonderful moments that get lost in the business of the day!

Amy & Bear

The photo above is of me and my baby Bear, I love my dogs!