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Windsor Family Photography by Britton Images

Holiday Greetings

Julie, Paul

Raena & Quincy


This delightful family has been coming to me for the last five years for family photography & I love them like my own family!!  I’ve watched the girls grow from babies.  Their personalities are so vibrant ….always a joy to capture them….taking lots & lots of shots.  This is the one they picked for this year’s cards.

Windsor Family is captured by amy of Britton Images Photography

What a Gorgeous Family!!

Windsor Children’s Photography – Britton Images

A Holiday Smile Producer


Christmas 2011

I so loved this children’s photo of Ruby…..she looks like a professional on a model shoot!  Children are so much fun to photograph 😀    I just couldn’t stop laughing though when I got this one, as will the lucky recipients of this card.   She’s just so cute!!   I wonder what she’ll do when she gets a year older – will she be funny like this or will she get a little shy?  Only time will tell.

Ruby Poses for her Children's Portrait

Cutie Ruby is all ready for the holidays!!

Windsor Family Photography – Lifestyle Photo by Britton Images Photography

Danielle, Miranda, Joelle & Richard

Christmas 2011


I love this photo of Danielle, Richard, Miranda & Joelle!  A perfect ‘Lifestyle’ family photo where the whole family is interacting.  This family was a ton of fun to work with & I captured lots of urban looking shots while we wandered around this neighbourhood.  All of them had a great time!  This is the shot they chose for their Christmas card.


Windsor Family Photography by Britton Images


Sasha Rivard – Fulop


I miss you so much my friend!!   I still hear your unique laughter & remember all the times we played dominos, sipped wine & generally goofed off.  You were truly one of a kind!

Sasha Rivard by Britton Images Photography

My Beautiful Friend Sasha Rivard


To sign memoriam please visit the following link for the Windsor Star or leave a comment on my blog or facebook.  Thanks


Windsor Children’s Photography – Christmas 2011 – Britton Images Photography

Seasons Greetings from

emilia, brennen, mikaila

Christmas Card Designed by Britton Images Photography

This Children’s photo used to design a holiday card from the studio reminded me of just how fast time flies by.  Every year I create captures for this family & still have a hard time with how fast they’ve grown.  Emilia, Brennen & Mikaila are always so much fun to shoot.  When they came to the studio I took them to this nice bright red brick wall where we goofed around.  This one shot was the one that was chosen for their card & I think this backdrop was perfect for a Christmas theme….also goes great with Santa’s red suit!!   So you guys better watch out…better not cry!!  ho ho ho


paula, leighton, cassidy 2011

As a photographer I love this family photo of Paula & the kids….perfect for one of our studio designed Christmas cards.  Cassidy has this gorgeous auburn hair while Leighton is a natural golden boy.  And mom’s beaming smile reveals how much fun she has with her kids.   I had a great time! 
Family Photography

Family Portrait by Amy of Britton Images Photography in Windsor