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Well-orchestrated weddings require planning and preparation of all the little details. One of the most exciting moments of the day comes when the new bride and groom conclude the reception by driving off in the getaway car. A well-decorated vehicle makes for a more memorable and dramatic departure.

Customarily, the task of preparing the getaway car is traditionally given to the ushers or groomsmen. During the reception the best man and groomsmen sneak outside to leave the groom one last send-off surprise. Fortunately, many of the most traditional getaway car decorations are neither messy nor damaging. You should expect:

  • Balloons
  • Bows
  • Streamers
  • Tissue-paper flowers
  • A ‘Just Married’ sign
  • Window chalk
  • Cans tied to the bumper

Although the groomsmen assume responsibility for the getaway car, you can pass on decorative instructions to the best man if you’re worried the car will look tacky. Modern wedding planners suggest wrapping the car with garland and silk flowers matching the wedding’s colors and tying a great big bow on the hood ornament.

To avoid harming the car’s paint finish, discourage the groomsmen from using:

  • Shaving cream
  • Soap
  • Shoe polish
  • Glue
  • Cellophane tape
  • Rubber cement
  • Paint

Tying down items with twine ensures that the car’s finish won’t be damaged. If they must use tape, be sure they use low-tack tapes or adhesives. Nothing should completely obstruct the window or block your view, so ask them to avoid covering the entire windshield.

Let your groomsmen know if you want something a little bit more creative than cans and streamers, such as:

  • A picture of you and your spouse as little kids on the back of the car
  • Dressing the car up as a wedding cake
  • A cardboard top hat and veil on the roof of the car

Everyone remembers the bride and groom driving off in the getaway car. Make sure your best man and groomsmen know what they’re doing!


This is the year Tiffiney finally gets to put all her dramatic training toward following her dreams.  She”s so looking forward to making an impression with all the agents in Toronto who will be instrumental in  helping her find work.  Bravo Tiffiney,  may all of your dreams come true!!

Love Aimes  😉



Your exit can add the finishing touch to your wedding day. Newly married couples aren’t confined to limos anymore. Consider escaping in a:

  • Horse-drawn carriage: Make the trip romantic and intimate in a Victorian-style buggy.
  • Boat: Don’t be hesitant to make a splash if the reception is on water.
  • Tandem bike: For less than $50, the two of you can ride off into the sunset.
  • Antique car: Look into renting the Rolls Royce you’ve always wanted.
  • Hot air balloon: What better way to leave your reception than to literally float away? Spend a few hundred dollars to fly away with your new spouse after the reception. Check around for balloon companies in your area, or for national companies that will come to you.

You’re only limited by your imagination. Start planning early so you can escape just the way you pictured it. Whichever form of transportation you choose, ask the right questions before you rent.

Here are a few to start your search:

  • Do you have a wedding package available?
  • How far ahead of time should we make reservations?
  • Do you charge by distance or by time?
  • Is there a minimum rental time? What are charges after that?
  • Do you require a deposit? When is it due? How much?
  • What happens if we need to cancel or postpone?
  • Can we see the vehicle ahead of time?
  • Do you have different styles to choose from?
  • What type of decorating can we do to the vehicle?
  • Does the company provide a ‘Just Married’ sign?
  • Does it have a cover in case of foul weather?

After spending so much time planning to make the wedding a success, do yourself a favor and make your exit exactly what you want it to be.



After saying, ‘Yes, I’ll marry you,’ one of the first decisions you make is who’ll be your bridesmaids. Work down that list of close friends and determine to whom you want to assign this role. Learn the crucial criteria for choosing the best bridesmaids for your big day.

A maid of honor should ensure the bride is comfortable and fully ready for the occasion. Make sure your pick is up to the task. The maid of honor should be:

  • Significant: Tradition has it that the honor goes to someone who means a lot to the bride: a best friend, a sister or a close female relative. Also consider whether that person plays a significant role in your fiance’s life. Be open-minded and don’t push a candidate with whom your future partner or either of your families feels uncomfortable.
  • Flexible: Pick someone who can handle wearing many hats, from planning your bridal shower and bachelorette party to coordinating the other bridesmaids. She’s going to need all of her coordinating skills to keep things running smoothly.
  • Dependable: She must be able to provide a comforting and supportive presence throughout the entire wedding process, from dress selection to the reception. She’ll also need to pay for her own dress, shoes, accessories, transportation and lodging during the wedding activities.

You might find yourself torn between two potential candidates. Feel free to have two maids of honor — or one maid and one matron — in your wedding ceremony. Just be sure to note their status in your program so your guests are aware.

Usually close relatives and best friends are the best choices for bridesmaids. Other than the obvious — that you’d want to share your special day with those close to you — remember that you’re asking people to make a major commitment, both personally and financially. If you ask someone who isn’t a close pal, she may feel overwhelmed and burdened. Sit down for an intimate chat when you want to ask someone to participate; that should give her the space she needs to decline the honor.



Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know which colors complemented your complexion and which ones didn’t? Well, we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn which colors are your true colors-the colors that enhance your complexion and add to your natural glow.

Usually, women are naturally drawn to colors that complement them. Take a quick glance through your closet. Is there one color that seems to dominate your wardrobe? Chances are, that is one of your best colors. When you wear it, you probably feel confident and attractive. So, go with your instincts. If you’re still unsure, there are a few basic color clues to help you make the right color choices.

Do you have a warm or cool complexion? If you have yellow undertones to your skin, then you have a warm complexion. If you have blue or pink undertones, you have a cool complexion. Warm complexions have a peach, cream or yellow cast while cool complexions have a rosy or pink cast. Take a minute and look at your complexion (without makeup) to determine your skin tone. Look at the categories described below and find one that suits you the best.

The golden glow category:

Warm autumn coloring is deep and rich.
• Eyes: brown, olive green or dark hazel.
• Hair: medium golden brown, auburn, red or deep golden blonde.
• Skin: bronze, golden beige, ivory or warm beige. You may even have freckles.
• Flattering colors: khaki, golden brown, cream, coffee brown, terracotta, olive, navy, deep peach, salmon pink, pumpkin, bittersweet, yellow gold, emerald turquoise, forest green, deep periwinkle and purple.

Warm spring coloring is light and delicate.
• Eyes: olive green, light hazel or blue.
• Hair: light golden brown, coppery red, strawberry blonde or deep golden blonde.
• Skin: bronze, golden beige, ivory or porcelain, and may be freckled.
• Colors: bronze, golden brown, dark brown, stone, peach, coral, tomato red, rust, buff, yellow green, light aqua, emerald turquoise, jade and deep periwinkle.


On August 28, Amy& Enrico exchanged vows at St. Angela’s in Windsor’s Little Italy.  The weather was perfect & the whole wedding party, especially the guys, were quite entertaining.  Amy & Enrico were so happy that their friend could bring his red Ferrare!!….great photo op &  guys especially, do love their cars eh!  Lots of fun with a fun couple….couldn’t ask for a more perfect day for this couple.  Best wishes to you both for a lifetime of health, wealth & happiness!

Love ya,

Amy 😉

Amy & Enrico’s Wedding Specialists

Ceremony:  St. Angela

Venue:  Fogolar

Photos:  Art Gallery of Windsor

Gown & Bridesmaids Dresses:  Daniella’s

Tuxedos:  Merlo’s

Flowers:  Forget -me-Not

Decor:  B R Guest

DJ:  New Dimensions


Erin walked down the aisle of Good Shepherd Parish in St. Clair Beach to wed Anthony in a traditional ceremony.  Afterward, friends & family celebrated at the Radisson Riverfront Room.  And even though it rained that day Erin & Anthony can look forward to a wealthy future according to an old Greek myth.  Congratulations Erin & Anthony……may you have many happy years together!!

Amy, Jim & James

Erin & Anthony’s Wedding Specialists

Ceremony:  Good Shepherd Parish

Photos:  Art Gallery of Windsor

Venue:  Raddison Riverfront Room

Gown:  His & Hers Wear & Bridal

Flowers:  I & F Designs


Dana & Bruno tied the knot in a small Christian ceremony at the Hilton Hotel on August 21.  Bruno, originally from South Africa, met Dana when she was just 17.  It was really sweet to witness & document such a wonderful fusion of cultures…especially when they changed into Bruno’s colourful native dress to dance the night away with friends & family who traveled from South Africa & other parts of the world to share in their joyous & special day.

I’m so lucky to have the privilege of meeting such great couples & documenting their wedding memories.   And to think that one day they will be sharing these photos with their kids.  I love my job!!!

Congrats to you both Dana & Bruno…may you experience a lifetime of the joy I witnessed in both your eyes on your wedding day.

Love ya both,


Dan & Bruno’s Wedding Specialists

Gown:  Chris &  Tina’s Wedding Dress Boutique in Toronto

Venue:  Hilton Hotel

Cake:  Renee’s Fine Cakes

Florist:  Elmara

Decor:  Windsor Event Decor

Officiant:  Ed Kolar Vineyard Christian Fellowship