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What a gorgeous day August 7th turned out to be for Allana & Jason.  We started the day at Allana’s family home in Essex, traveled to the Essex Railway Station then on to the west end of the Sculpture Gardens on the riverfront.  The couple married under a beautiful old tree with friends & family surrounding them & their trusty pug acting as ring bearer.  Allana, dressed in her bias cut slinky gown, reminded me of Hollywood glamour queen, Rita Hayworth.  After the ceremony everyone headed out to the Art Gallery to share in a meal to celebrate their love & afterward, danced the night away.    Another beautiful & perfect wedding for this very romantic & funloving couple.  Congratulations to you both…, laugh & love always!!   I had so much fun!    Thank you for choosing Britton Images Photography.

Some of the following images were  enhanced to highlight the artistic side of my work….please feel free to comment.  I would love to hear from you.

Allana & Jason’s Wedding Specialists

Gown:  His & Hers Wear & Bridal              Bridesmaid Dresses:  Sophie’s

Tux’s:  Merlo’s .        Flowers:  Sobey’s

Hair:  Jeffrey at T’ Dye For .      Makeup & Nails:  Katnandu

Ceremony:  Windsor Parks .        Officiant:  Civil Marriage Celebrations – Joe McParland

Music:  Peter & Ruth Weibe     .      Venue:  Art Gallery

Decor:  Soiree .      DJ:  Dustyn Janzen from Chuck Reynolds DJ Service



The cool and soft category:

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Eyes: gray, blue, violet or charcoal.
Hair: raven black, blue black, silver or salt and pepper and has no red highlights.
Skin: rose beige or neutral beige and sometimes sallow.
Colors: gray, black, taupe, pure white, navy, rose pink, magenta, deep rose, burgundy, icy gray, icy blue, icy pink, lemon yellow, emerald turquoise, royal blue, bright periwinkle and purple.
Cool spring has a soft and muted coloring.
Eyes: gray, blue or slate.
Hair : medium to deep ash brown or pearl gray with little or no red highlights.
Skin: cool beige, blue black, gray beige or neutral beige.
Colors: light gray, gray blue, charcoal, rose beige, taupe, cocoa, navy, rose pink, soft fuchsia, burgundy, soft teal, spruce, emerald turquoise, mint, clear aqua, pale purple and periwinkle.

The light and delicate category:

Light summer complexions are characterized by soft and delicate coloring.
Eyes: blue or green.
Hair: light to medium ash blonde or light ash brown.
Skin: pale neutral beige or soft beige with an underlying pink tone.
Colors: light gray, gray blue, cocoa, rose beige, taupe, warm pastel pink, clear salmon, deep rose, clear red, light lemon yellow, light aqua, blue green, soft teal, spruce, light navy, sky blue, medium blue, periwinkle and violet.

Light spring coloring is fair and delicate.
Eyes: blue, green or light hazel.
Hair: light to medium golden blonde or light to medium golden brown.
Skin: ivory with peach undertones.
Colors: camel, khaki, light gray, taupe, light navy, powder pink, clear salmon, warm pink, clear red, pastel yellow-green, bright golden yellow, light moss, light aqua, clear aqua, powder blue, periwinkle and violet.

The vivid and deep category:

Deep autumn coloring is rich and deep.
Eyes: dark brown, dark hazel or dark green.
Hair: dark brown or deep chestnut.
Skin: bronze, ivory or golden beige with no obvious pink or peach undertones.
Colors: dark brown, black, cream, camel, olive, navy, light peach, salmon pink, mahogany, true red, terracotta, yellow gold, mustard, moss, lime bronze, hot turquoise, china blue, pine and purple.

Light autumn coloring is strong.
Eyes: black, black brown or dark hazel.
Hair: black brown, steel gray or salt and pepper.
Skin: beige, black, black brown or olive, and it doesn’t have obvious pink or peach undertones.
Colors: black, charcoal, black brown, pure white, navy, icy gray, hot pink, true red, tomato red, rust, mint lemon yellow, turquoise, emerald green, olive, pine, clear teal, bright periwinkle, purple and true blue.


On July 31 Dawn & Paul were married on the shores of Pelee Island in a small, intimate ceremony that included their parents & beloved beagle Ferguson by their side.  Dawn & Paul, who have started their own winery in Ohio, love the simplicity of Pelee Island.  The weekend turned out to be beautiful.  Lots of diffused light reflected from the water lending a soft & airy feel to the pics…..a little retro.  Later, the party shared a yummy buffet at the Anchor & Wheel & everyone treated me like family.  I just loved sharing & documenting their day.  Congratulations on your very special day Dawn & Paul!!!  😉



Venue:  Pelee Island

Officiant:  Civil Marriage Celebrations

Celebration Buffet & Accommodation:  Anchor & Wheel