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William is the first baby of Shanna & Chris, a couple whose wedding I photographed last year.  Even though he wanted to sleep at first, I finally got a number of great shots.  Here he is when I first started and then after he woke up.  What a beautiful boy and congratulations to you both!  Hope to see you again when you come back to Windsor for a visit.


Little William fast asleep

Wide awake & ready to party!


I consider Sasha my best friend.  I first met her when I documented her wedding and we became fast friends.  She had battled cancer back then and it has re-occurred twice since.  Through all the ups & downs she continues to be a true inspiration to everyone who know her.  Here’s a woman who will not give in to this disease in any shape or form.  She remains positive, strong and involved in the community.  She recently won an award for her dedication to others from the Cardiac Wellness Center, a true role model and I am privileged to have her as my friend.

Sasha allowed me to document her journey visually through photography since after the wedding and I wanted to share some of the most recent ones with anyone who reads my blog.  She is living proof of the desire and will needed to keep this horrible disease at bay.

Cancer has touched most everyone in their lives and we all want it to be eradicated for good.  The Dragon Boat Races are coming soon and Sasha will have her team rowing for cancer research again.  Even though she will not be able to participate in the rowing she will be our captain.

In June Britton Images Photography will host the second annual  GNO to benefit Sasha’s team, “Fight Like a Girl.”  For anyone who attended last year please mark your calendar tentatively for June 9th.  It was awesome and will be again!! 90 women attended and we hope to have the same or more this year.  Tickets will be $15.  More info to follow.

The following pics are some of my favourites.   Thank you Sasha for your friendship and, most importantly, thank you for being “you.”

Love ya!!!

Amy :)  😉

Cool Chic!

How many shoes can a woman own?

Lookin Good & Feelin Sexy!

Sasha's Story

A Portrait of My Friend

Sasha Modelling her Fave Sweater

Friends Forever!

Being Goofy!

Too Funny!


Nancy from Ottawa brought her father Eli, into the studio for a portrait session to celebrate his 90’th birthday.  You can see what a handsome man he is.   I loved his spiffy suit and tie and of course his great sense of humour.  He kept me in stitches during the time he was here!  So great to do what I do just to meet great people like Eli.  Happy Birthday, Eli!!!!!



Eli celebrates his 90'th

90 years young.


On April 3rd I had the great experience of photographing Nour & Younes nuptials.  It was the first Mulsim celebration I documented & they were both so much fun to be with.   We took some pics at Willistead Manor then headed off to the riverfront.  And what a dramatic sunset we were blessed with even though the day didn’t start out with nice weather.  I almost had to be dragged away from the riverfront & that spectacular sunset.   I also  got to wear a hijab along with enjoying  Lebanese food for the second time this year.  I love Lebanese food!!!! :)  The whole experience was very exciting!!!  Congratulations to you both and thank you for the privilege of sharing your special day.

Here I am in my hijab with Nour & Younes!


On March 31st I had an opportunity to do some commercial work for premiere hair designer Antoine Greige so he can have some pics on the walls after the fire that destroyed everything.  His staff created the makeup to compliment the hair design.  Nelly, from His & Hers Wear provided the dresses for the beautiful models and Antoine treated all of us to four kinds of pizza from Micanto’s Pizzeria on Chatham St. W.  Boy were they so good!!!!!  Here’s some pics from the day including behind the scenes.

Kristina's Sassy look!!

Victoria's sophisticated cut...very wow!

Sarah ready for Prom Night with her sculpted look.

Angelika with a sexy updo!

Sweet Sarah looks fabulous!

Angelika with her hair down!

Friends Forever Sarah & Angelika!

Behind the Scenes

The Master at work!

Kristina After the Shoot!

Antoine fixes Victoria's hair

Antoine's son Christopher

Pizza for Everyone!

Pizza from Micanto

Yummy Pepperoni Pizza!