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Windsor Wedding Photographer Receives Big Thank Yous!

Just received another note (below) from a satisfied couple & again it has made my day!!  Nicole & Matt say how lucky they were to find me but I say how lucky I was to have met this couple.  I had so much fun  & feel they are kindred spirits.  More importantly, I have gained another friend & feel very privileged to have preserved this couple’s wedding memories!!  May you both experience  a wonderful long life together.

Love ya!!

Amy :)


How lucky were Matt and I to find you???

I can’t thank you enough for the amazing job you did with our wedding pictures! Looking at them shows a perfect blend of your artistic style and professional skill. There was just the right amount of formal and journalistic photos. Who could ask for anything more?

The raves that we have received about the more than 1000 images constantly put a smile on my face! That night really was the most amazing night of my life, and I’m so thankful that you were there to do such an excellent job of capturing it.

The engagement photos made a fantastic guest book (which was a HUGE hit) and your talented pictures made a perfect Post-Card to send out for my thank-you cards. Your name is always at the tip of my tongue when I hear of friends getting engaged….

Nicole and Matt
July 11, 2009

Best Friends Always!

Kudos for Windsor Wedding Photographer, Amy Britton!

It really is so great to get positive feedback from my clients.  It makes all my work worthwhile & puts a big smile on my face.  What better way to tell your future clients how particular you are about your work than to share how satisfied others are.  Here’s a little note from Candy & Lee who came here from Ohio to marry in Windsor.


We did (receive the album), it is wonderful! What a surprise! I WAS JUST ABOUT TO SEND YOU A NOTE, YOU MUST HAVE GOTTEN MY VIBRATIONS!.
Amy- it is so cool. Such amazing work you did. So artistic. You are such a
special person, thank you for capturing our day!

Amy, really, the book and pictures are fabulous!  You did an awesome job
putting that all together, really flows well.  thanks again, so much!
You captured the essence of the day, it looks just like I remember it.
:)  Candy

Candy & Lee
October 18, 2008

I’m so happy you loved your album.  A big thank you for the priviledge of working with you!

Amy :)

Britton Images Photography

Windsor Wedding Photographer Documents Nicole & Ziad’s Jubilant Lebanese Celebration!

On Saturday , February 20th Nicole & Ziad exchanged vows at St. Anthony’s in Leamington & what an exciting day it was for everyone including myself!!

I started off at Ziad’s home in Windsor where the family sang all the while I took photos causing me to be overwhelmed with joy myself.

Then off I went with my assistant Trish, to Nicole’s home where everyone there was singing too!  Oh my gosh, the joy that was expressed was something I’ve never experienced before & proof positive that joy & laughter are contagious because my heart was singing too.  There was not one person who did not participate & Nicole was absolutely stunning!!

After the ceremony the wedding party headed to Kingsville Park where I took some fun pics.  Then it was off to the Portuguese Club where about 500 people waited for the happy bride & groom to arrive.  As they entered & through the whole procession of family all I could see was money flying around everywhere.  It was literally raining money!  All I could think of was, “Thank God no one was throwing loonies & toonies, otherwise there would have been plenty of bruises on everyone!”

And there was singing & more singing & after the meal dancing, dancing, dancing & more singing.  What an absolutely unforgettable celebration!  I was so thrilled to share this special day with Nicole, Ziad & their families.

Congratulations, Nicole & Ziad & wishing you a lifetime of happiness & good fortune!  Just loved all the hummus & tabbouleh.  Thank you for choosing me to document the memories of your day.

Love ya!


Mmm Mmm Just the Right Time for Candy

Portrait of Nicole on her Wedding Day

Baby it's Cold Outside

The Art of Details

Winter Love

Stand by Me!

Together Forever

The Money What a Ride!

More Money Dance!

Ziad's Mom & Dad Dance up a Storm with Nicole & Ziad!

Nicole's Mom & Dad (in the hat) Cool!!!

Windsor Wedding Photographer Worries About a Disturbing Trend!!

I have heard some scary stories lately about bridal couples being stiffed by so-called professional photographers.  Apparently, there’s a limo driver who carries a list of photographers for last minute work because no one has shown up to honour the contract. At first I didn’t believe the story one-hundred percent but I just received an e-mail from a bride who was frantic to find a photographer.  Since it is so late in the year I was unable to accommodate her but referred a few other professionals.  Hope she ended up finding someone.

Here is her note to me:

We are having our wedding in Windsor  in June of this year.  We have run into a major snag with the photographer that we originally hired in that she hasn’t answered any questions or emails or calls that I have made (which has made me in a bit of a panic). I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you so much. A.R.

And just this past week I booked a wedding in some similar circumstance in which the photographer would not respond to calls & had no e-mail address.  The couple decided to forfeit their deposit and hire me.   Anyhoo, for all the couples out there…..please be aware.  Know who you are hiring………. someone who is a known professional, has quality work, is reliable & has references.  Get their phone numbers, addresses, e-mail contact info so you will know where to find them.

Whoever your choice make it informed!!!!!

Amy Britton  :)

Britton Images Photography

Windsor Children’s Photography ~ Maddison, Pretty In Pink

What an angel….Pretty in pink!!

Maddison, Pretty in Pink 2010

Maddison, Pretty In Pink!

Shy Little Maddison 2010

The Importance of Planning & Having the Proper Tools!

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.  —   Abraham Lincoln

Well, now I’ll really be able to cut through my workflow!  Right on!!

Britton Images Photography

Britton Images Puts Studio Mascot, Bear in Front of Camera

Unusual  fabric seems to be the new trend in boutique style photography sessions, so I though I’d pick up some new fabric.  Since Bear is so photogenic  I wanted to  test out at lease one of them……this is the result.   I think he looks sooo handsome in front of these cool flowers!  I do love my Bear :)

Here’s lookin at you Bear!

Mascot Bear 2010

Brown Eyed Bear 2010

Bear, Britton Images Mascot

Bearsy Wearsy

Our Boy Bear

Windsor Baby Photographer With Baby Stella

Brittany has modelled for me for a few years now so I was just tickled to be asked to do  a sitting with Baby Stella, her new arrival of a couple of months.  Even though she wanted to sleep most of the time I did get some cute shots.  Welcome to this new & exciting world Baby Stella & congratulations to you Brittany & your family!!

Amy loves ya!

Beautiful Baby Stella

Baby Stella at 2 months

Welcome Baby Stella

Baby Stella