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Britton Images Enjoys Per Bacco Restaurant Commercial Shoot!! Windsor Commercial Photographer

Friday was a great day for me as I had an opportunity to photograph yummy food at one of Windsor’s finest restaurants, Per Bacco on Ottawa St.  My goal was to make the pictures look so mouth-watering that the viewer would want to make reservations immediately (Commercial Photography needs to reflect this sense of feeling).  I do believe I achieved my goal if I might say so myself!  Anyway, my assistant Mallory was kept busy setting up the scenes while the chefs cooked up the fresh dishes.  The only thing was that I wanted to taste all of them.  We spent most of the afternoon shooting the food, employees, store-front and, of course, the owner.  Afterwards, we stayed to enjoy a wonderful Italian meal served in style with the perfect ambience.  Ennio’s mother has made the tiramisu they serve for 60 years.  Fabuuullous!!  I recommend Per Bacco to everyone for a fine night of dining.


Ms. Amy Britton :)

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sm0034 copy

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sm0291 copy

sm0306 copy

Meet Restauranteur Ennio, owner of Per Bacco!

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sm0345 copy

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perbacco2 copy


Photos from “Shoot with Beckstead” Wedding Photography Workshop in Windsor. *****

Well, it’s taken awhile but Ive finally got some really awesome pics up from the Shoot with Beckstead seminar at the end of August.  All I can say is that it was a sweet, sweet experience to shoot with this world famous wedding photo master!  And the energy he put forth was unbelievable :)  Three full days packed with “how to” business savvy, photo shoots, group constructive critical analysis and best of all the encouragement to get out of our comfy box.”   The Beckstead “freestyle” way of shooting showed me a different way of looking at light and line and the best part is that he didn’t waste time setting up, he just walked into a setting, took a quick look see at where the light was coming from and shot, shot and shot some more.  For those who do not know of David Beckstead he is well known in the wedding fotog’s world and is sought out to shoot weddings worldwide for couples who really appreciate professional photography.  He often speaks at WPPI in Las Vegas and holds workshops everywhere a plane can fly him in. His style is a composite of journalistic, editorial, fine art  and fashion photography Britton Images Photography was honoured to host David Beckstead at the studio here in Windsor.  I got to meet some great fotogs who came from US and Canada so we got to share each others styles and visions.  I had a great time and he loved our dogs. Kat, Liz, Sasha and Atti acted as models and did a fabulous job.  My mom hunted down some gritty urban sites in Windsor and we spent nearly a full day shooting at the Art Gallery of Windsor.  David loved the light, lines and architecture.  We almost had to drag him out of there.  He took an amazing shot of Kat in the elevator.  There is absolutely no forbidden territory for David….in fact, if you say it can’t be done he will set out to prove you wrong.  I love his positive attitude, his energy and his love of photography as an art. Below, you will find some of my pics.  If you would like to see some of his work from this workshop just visit his David Beckstead Facebook fanpage.  Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think. The first shots were taken at the Art Gallery of Windsor.


Ms. Amy Britton :)

Britton Images Photography will have you back here again, eh?




I think this shot of Liz behind the wire is so cool even though it was so hot for her.  Liz, you did a fabulous job! sm-7429-6


This one looks ethereal!

sm-7590-31 copy

David says you can’t take enough back lit shots!!


Lines and symmetry here.

sm7471-8 copy

sm-7557-11 copy

sm6003-3 copy

We found a great abandoned warehouse and had a ball in and out of the buildings. sm7621-32 copy

sm7647-16 copy

sm7701-18 copy

sm7740-20 copy




Would you believe a recycling dump?  Lots of colour an texture!! sm7918 copy

sm7930-27 copy

sm7894-24 copy



sm7995-28 copy

sm8012-29 copy


This was the second day of the SHOOT WITH BECKSTEAD workshop.  After a morning of reviewing everyone’s work from the day before, Sasha and Atti became our wedding couple of the afternoon.  They were really good sports.  We couldn’t have done it without you both.  Thanks to you Sasha & Atti.  I know I owe you big time now! sm_7964 copy

sm_8070 copy

sm_8205 copy

sm_8230 copy

sm_8303 copy

sm_8250 copy

sm8158 copy

smtexture8276 copy

We finished off the day at Britton Images Photography studio on Wyandotte and Chilver in Walkerville.  Got some amazing shots with a mirror…..

Sasha is  simply Divalicious!!

sm8328 copy

sm8332 copy


sm8335 copy

sm8346 copy

sm8357 copy

sm8364 copy


Lana & Scott exchange wedding vows at Holy Name Parish in Essex

Lana & Scott chose Essex to celebrate their wedding and the day was perfect.  Decorating was provided by Rosemary at Soiree Events with a lot of the pics being taken at Essex Railway Terminal.  Old buildings and vintage cars gave me plenty of interesting backgrounds and props for photographing in an artistic and photo journalistic style.  I love this freestyle kind of wedding photography and try to do as much of it as possible.  Seeing and shooting the visuals like this reflects a more story-telling genre that seems to be appealing to more couples these days.  Another great wedding on a perfect day with a great couple!  Congratulations Lana & Scott!

Bye for now,

Amy Britton 😉

Britton Images Photography

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Windsor Wedding for Caroline & Terry on the Ruscom River in Belle River

June 20th was the big W day for Caroline and Terry.  Rosemary from Soiree Events decorated the tables with a lively plaid fabric and hung glass lanterns around the tent that sparkled in the light.  This couple was super fun and organized everything with sophisticated flair.  Leo, master of catered weddings and owner of Koolinis, catered a scrumptious gourmet meal and provide a beautiful cake.  Elmara Flower Gardens and Gift Shop dazzled the guests with huge glass containers filled with flowers.  Caroline was dressed in a gown from Rafinee while Terry sported an ensemble from Freeds of Windsor.  This couple treated all their guests with overnight accomadation at Caesars Windsor and transportation to their idylic backyartd in Limos by Mr J’s.  From the time they booked Britton Images Photography they were adament about having a journalistic style represented in the photography with most of the focus  on the guests rather than on themselves.  I had a great time with them and enjoyed the change of a very intimate setting.


Ms. Amy Britton 😉

sm2159 copy

sm2193 copy

sm2321 copy

sm2516 copy

sm8419 copy

sm8459 copy

sm8468 copy

sm8521 copy

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sm8730 copy

Wedding at Willistead Manor in Walkerville for Noelle & Vlad

Willistead Manor is always a sweet venue for a romantic wedding.  I never get bored shooting there!  Beautiful grounds, extraordinary high ceilings, stunning architecture and hardwood trim throughout the Manor are a wedding photographer’s dream.  The bride looked absolutely beautiful!!  With the couple’s good spirits and sense of humour, as well as the second shooter I brought,  the day flew by in a flash.  Congrats to you both, Noelle and Vlad!!  I know you both had as much fun as we did.

Ms. Amy Britton :)


sm1168 copy

sm1225 copy


sm1504 copy

sm1806 copy

sm2131 copy

sm2176 copy

sm2220 copy

sm2227 copy

Wedding by Windsor Wedding Photographer Amy Britton

Carol & Charlie were so much fun to work with.  This couple absolutely love the outdoors so they had their wedding cake decorated in real sheaves of wheat.  They were the first couple I have shot who channeled gangsters Bonnie and Clyde by carrying around pseudo tommy guns to the delight of this photographer and their guests.  What a hoot!!!  Congratulations and may you both experience many years of marital fun.  I just love being a wedding photographer!

Ms. Amy Britton😉

sm7916 copy

sm0308 copy

sm7264 copy

sm7299 copy

sm7329 copy

sm7632 copy

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sm7778 copy

A day at Pelee Island Winery in Kingsville – Windsor Fashion Photographer

On September 3rd, the team at Britton Images was to be found at 455 Seacliffe Drive in Kingsville, Ontario.  It was a busy day at Pelee Island Winery, under the blazing sun, shooting the fun and fabulous images recently featured in the Windsor Star Fall Bridal special.  I was so pleased with the resulting images that I decided to share a few of my favourites with you.  Enjoy!  Also, thanks again to my lovely models: Paul, Meagan, Liz and Julie– you all look wonderful!

Thanks also to Antoine Greige Salon & Spa for their fabulous 40s hair designs!

Yours truly,

Ms. Amy Britton :)




sm8380-2 copy

sm8383-4 copy


sm8405-17 copy


sm8421-24 copy

sm8433-30 copy

sm8488-40 copy

sm8509-47 copy

sm8514-49 copy

sm8594-71 copy

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sm8684-102 copy

sm8693-105 copy

sm8716-111 copy


Bridal Confidential Magazine Fashion Spread – Windsor Fashion Photographer

June was the perfect time to shoot this year’s fashion photography spread for the 2009 Bridal Confidential Magazine, a local directory dedicated to brides who are planning their weddings.  From the sunny, cloud spattered blue skies and light breezes to the lush vineyards of Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery, a better day couldn’t have been specially ordered.  Planning was done for about 1 month prior.  It’s amazing how much work goes into putting the 8 page spread together.  Deciding on the models Liz, Ivona, Stephanie and Kinga was the first thing.  Then they had to go for fittings at His & Hers Wear and Bridal on Ottawa St.  My staff here at Britton Images Photography then had to co-ordinate all the vendors: His & Hers Wear, Rosser Reeves Jewellers, Classic ReCreations Hair Studio, Glow Makeup Studio, Guaranteed Fine Furniture, Designs by Diane, and all the participating florists: Gail’s Flowers and Gifts, New Designs, Bloom Boutique Flowers & Gifts, I &F Design and Oak Farms Ltd.  Additional co-ordinating the birds in some of the shots consisted of chasing them along the beachfront.

I ended up with a lot of awesome shots making it hard to pick only 8.  I’ve posted a few that you might enjoy.  And thanks especially to Nellie from His & Hers Wear and Bridal for having all the gowns and accessories ready so the shoot went smoothly.  At the rate we’re going I’d advise to keep an eye out for our work next year, too!

I’m so lucky to be able to follow my passions!  Fashion photography is another one of my passions along with wedding photography and children’s storybooks.

Yours truly,

😉   Ms. Amy Britton









More images from the shoot… Enjoy!

sm3601 copy

sm3663 copy

sm3702 copy

sm3847 copy

sm3895 copy copy

sm3903 copy

sm3972 copy

sm4026 copy

Windsor Commercial Photographer & Fall Bridal 2009 Fashion for Windsor Star

Check out my work as it appears in the September 16th issue of the Windsor Star.

Thanks to my recently wed couples, Pam & Rob, Angie & Jay and Caroline & Terry– you look beautiful!

Also thanks to my fabulous models Meagan, Liz and Julie and also, Pelee Island Winery.

More images to come!






Charlotte & Alex’s Wedding at Toronto’s The Old Mill– September 11, 2009 – Toronto Wedding Photographer

The Old Mill, located in Toronto, proved to be nothing short of a wedding photographer’s dream–multiple garden locations, stone staircases, serene waterfalls, a romantic terrace and of course, the rustic interior.

Charlotte and Alex had a lovely evening wedding in the chapel and celebrated late into the night, both on the dance floor and out on the terrace, under the stars. Congratulations, you two!














AmyJo & Juraj – August 15th Amherstburg Wedding – Amherstburg Wedding Photographer

Congratulations AmyJo and Juraj!









Angie & Jay- Beautiful Windsor Wedding on August 8 ’09 – Windsor Wedding Photographer

Another wonderful Windsor wedding!

Look for Angie and Jay in the Fall ’09 Wedding section of the September 16th edition of The Windsor Star!